The “forgotten wonderland”

“France is already a rare wine country. It probably always has been. On the one hand, there are the stars, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone and, more recently, Langeudoc – and on the other, “the forgotten ones”, including Gaillac, cited from a long list of dozens of unrecognised regions.” (Vinum 09/18)

Yet the Gaillac region in the south-west of France can look back on an impressive wine history! Once known as “Vins de Coq”, the region’s wines were coveted all over the world for their top quality and ageability.

Today: Off to Gaillac – it’s worth it!

Wine connoisseurs discover the region – for those who don’t want to follow the mainstream, but want to rediscover a “forgotten wonderland”, a visit to the Plateau Cordais and the Domaine du Comte de Thun is well worthwhile.


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La Parrazal, La MAze, La Cabane, La Tarabelle

Wine tasting at Susanne and Ferdinand Comte de Thun in Frausseilles. A vertical of La Parrazal with great values, all under 20 EUR. The Pinot Noir is an acquired taste, at least different, quite Pomerol-like. La Maze 2023 (18/20) – to kneel down. 2012 La Cabane! This purebred Cabernet Franc is out of space, a special wine jewel with a perfumed cassis-tobacco nose. On the palate, it exhibits charm, velvety texture, and great length. World-class with freak potential (19/20). Lastly, 2012 Syrah La Tarabelle. Earthy, tobacco-like, with currants, tar, dried plums. Concentrated palate, tender extract, very sustainable in the finale. A magnificent food companion (18/20).

René Gabriel


La Parrazal 2012

The scent is laurel, graphite and black olives, fleshy, silky and spicy on the palate. Plus a super-balanced and very long finale…

Frank Röder Master of Wine


Chope Le Coq 2019

Berry-fleshy red made from Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon with gentle, supple tannins and a fine structure. Wonderful drinking flow…

Frank Röder Master of Wine


Syrah 2012 La Tarabelle

it has exactly the right balance between dark berry fruit and delicate spice, fine tannins and compact structure…

Frank Röder Master of Wine


La Parrazal 2008

The rich, deep dark red color suggests that this is not a lightweight product. The rich nose is characterized by fresh, dark berries, cranberries, rose hips and dried herbs from Provence. Rosemary, thyme, lavender, bay leaf and lots of salty, mineral flavors on the tongue. On the palate, a fruity, lively acidity dances on a velvety carpet of tannins. A truly easy drinking pleasure that is difficult to curb in pleasant company.

Paula Bosch


La Fée

Friday after the office, open the fridge, open the bottle, enjoy – short – great bottle!!!!

Daniela Zeiler


Dechroche la lune

An uncomplicated white wine made from Chardonnay and Sauvignon – without long “breathing” Nothing earth-shattering but nice to drink.

Susanna Hüber


Chope le coq 2015

Open up and drink – no fuss

Daniela Zeiler

The winery and terroir

If walls could speak: Thanks to its massive construction, the Château de Frausseilles has survived many stormy times and is now considered a historical jewel of the French south-west. The count’s vineyard is located on the Plateau Cordais in the north of Gaillac, a forgotten wine region in south-west France. Nestled in a gently rolling landscape along the river Tarn, the plateau with its barren soils is considered the best terroir in the region with ideal conditions for great wines. First mentioned in documents in the 15th century and probably built much earlier, Ferdinand Count von Thun lovingly renovated the weathered building after acquiring it in 1998 and restored it to its former glory.

Rarities – Renaissance of a unique terroir

The excellent reputation of the wine region has been forgotten, but what remains is wine terroir at its best – clay and limestone like in Burgundy, gravel like in the Medoc and an almost ideal climate. The wines of Comte de Thun show the old original grape varieties of the region, Merlot, Sayrah, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir.

Two friends, one vision

Count Ferdinand von Thun has a long-standing friendship with oenologist Dr Riccardo Cotarella. Together they have produced top wines of world renown in recent years and heralded the renaissance of the wine region. Graf Thun has set a new course for the region’s formerly autochthonous grape varieties and is looking to an exciting future with a young team. Cabernet Franc and Piont Noir as well as Syrah and exciting new plantings in the white wine sector herald a new era at the Domaine.

Our wines

The wines from “Comte de Thun” are ambassadors of the south-west French wine landscape. Their style is clearly different from other wines from the region – at the same time, they are typical of the region, as they articulate the “Terroir Plateau Cordais” in their very own way. The wines of “Comte de Thun” are an individual expression of their creators’ vision to revive the successful vinological epoch of the “Vin de Coq”.