Together for top wines from Gaillac

The people that Ferdinand von Thun has gathered around him at his winery are far more than just the best in their field: they share his passion for great wine and for the fabulously beautiful region from which it comes:
Gaillac – Plateau Cordais 


If walls could speak: Thanks to its massive construction, the Château de Frausseilles has survived many stormy times and is now considered a historical jewel of the French south-west. The count's vineyard is located on the Plateau Cordais in the north of Gaillac, a forgotten wine region in south-west France. Nestled in a gently rolling landscape along the river Tarn, the plateau with its barren soils is considered the best terroir in the region with ideal conditions for great wines. First mentioned in documents in the 15th century and probably built much earlier, Count Ferdinand von Thun lovingly renovated the weathered building after acquiring it in 1998 and restored it to its former glory.


Dr Riccardo Cotarella is one of Italy's most renowned oenologists and is known throughout the world as “Il Mago”. His magical creations include wine icons such as the Merlot “Montiano” from his own family winery Falesco in Lazio, the “Montevetrano” and Galardi's “Terra di Lavoro” from Campania. Time and again, the internationally sought-after wine magician manages to elicit absolute top wines from previously unrecognised regions.

This – and his enthusiasm for the Gaillac region – makes Dr Cotarella the perfect ally for Count Ferdinand von Thun: he has been helping to shape the “Comte de Thun” wine adventure from the very beginning.
In a personal interview with Riccardo Cotarella, he reveals why he is so convinced of the von Thun terroir and reveals the secrets of his art.

A team full of passion

The daily care of the vines and the ageing of the wine in the cellar are among the daily tasks of the dedicated team on site.

Rediscovering the plateau together, trying out new things every day, questioning the rules – it is the desire for adventure and the region that unites and drives the young team.

A historic gem

First mentioned in a document in the 15th century and probably built much earlier, Count Ferdinand von Thun had the weathered building lovingly renovated after acquiring it in 1998 and restored its splendour: it is no ostentatious castle, it blends charmingly into the surrounding nature – and yet the light limestone walls, the double-arched windows and the compact bell tower spire of the adjoining chapel are recognisable even from a distance.

A winery with history

The castle was originally part of a fortification that was destroyed in the 16th century by order of the Parliament of Toulouse by the consul of Gaillac. What remains today is a rectangular building with an upper floor to which a church is attached, which must have once served as the manorial chapel of the castle. The pediment of the stately entrance portal bears an ancient French inscription: “Do not betray your faith, neither for prince nor king”.

Since 2023, the winery has also offered overnight accommodation. The “Villa Thun”, a guest house with 5 double rooms, has been renovated with great attention to detail and rounds off the entire ensemble of the winery and offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the landscape with hills, rivers, valleys, fields, history, culture and ancient fortified villages or bastides. Relaxation by the pool, wine tasting, picnics in the vineyards, etc.

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An enchanting winery that is well worth discovering and tasting the outstanding wines.