Grand Cru wines from the south-west

The wines from “Comte de Thun” are ambassadors of the south-west French wine landscape. Their style is clearly different from other wines from the region – at the same time, they are typical of the region, as they articulate the “Terroir Plateau Cordais” in their very own way. The wines of “Comte de Thun” are an individual expression of their creators’ vision to revive the successful vinological epoch of the “Vin de Coq”

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The Cabernet Franc also comes from the “La Maze” vineyard. Herbaceous and spicy, with a scent of dark wild berries, minerality, fine tannins and fresh acidity, the Cabernet Franc is a wine of stature despite the young vineyards.


Dark, almost black in colour – “La Maze” is a densely structured but elegant wine. Its lush aroma of wild berries, plums and dark cherries is flavoured with white pepper, juniper, green tea and smoke. The very mineral wine has a velvety but firm tannin structure and always shows a beautiful, red-fruity acidity. The hilly cru “La Maze” lies at around 270 metres above sea level and consists of weathered limestone with a clayey topsoil. “La Maze” produces wines with great ageing potential.


Perfectly reflects the old terroir of Gaillac with its barren, high-altitude sites. The soil consists of weathered limestone with a very sandy-clayey topsoil and many fist-sized stones. Syrah has been known in ancient Gaul since the 3rd century. It reveals a concentrated flavour of mixed pepper, pencil point and a potpourri of dark forest fruits, men's chocolate and coffee. Its tannins are fine and firm, its acidity refreshing. This wine has style, charisma and enormous ageing potential.


At first glance, the Pinot Noir is an absurdity – at second glance, it is a “homecomer”. It is delicately fragrant with irresistible, sweet fruit: pure black cherry, black pepper, fresh menthol and delicate bacon flavours. Its fine tannins, fresh acidity and juiciness allow it to dance into the long finish.


The Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon grape varieties, which have been associated with Gaillac for centuries, come together in the “Parrazal”. It perfectly reflects the characteristics of the individual grape varieties. Its aroma is strongly characterised by Syrah, while Merlot and Cabernet are evident on the palate with their fruity character of red fruits and cassis. The bouquet is completed by silky tannins and a herbaceous freshness.

The Parrazal was created by blending the base wines from younger vines with a very valued friend of the house, sommelier Paula Bosch.


The Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir grape varieties express the unique terroir of the Plateau Cordais in Gaillac in their own way. “The wine genius comes from the grape variety” said the father of viticultural studies, Dr Jules Guyot. In this spirit, these single-varietal crus are an individual expression of “Comte de Thun”.
Whether white wines that are a pleasure to drink or high-calibre sparkling and sweet wines – the world of our red wines is rounded off with white counterparts. When it comes to red wines, “Comte de Thun” likes to let his wines mature. The castle cellar harbours numerous red treasures, which can be offered on request.